Our Experience

Who are we?

Black sheep playgrounds is a collaboration between two artists. Paul a wood worker with great talent to improvise and transform clients request into creative solutions, Mario is a metal artist with a lot of experience and our third member is Matthieu a creative engineer, who has a lot of knowledge to transform our wild ideas in to 3D animations.

Paul the founder of BlackSheep playgrounds, and I will tell you something about our experiences and how I got to this point of starting a business.

My fascination for building,  started when I was very young, first with lego’s and when I was a little bit older about 12, I built my first treehouse in our backyard. By that time a was about 17 years and start working in my dad's construction company, gaining more knowledge of building structures. I truly began to enjoy the design aspect of building all kinds of structures, including furniture, while on this journey I went to an  Art academy while dreaming of furniture design. Soon after, I started working for a company building big tent structures for all kinds that were distributed to events worldwide.

From there I moved on to a similar position building theme stages for festivals like, Tomorrowland, Fusion, Parookavile. This is where I learned how to improvise and build incredible structures from scratch and using a lot of second hand materials, I realized there is value to gain from all that which others throw away. As the years passed by, I thought it was time to follow my heart and start my own company so i have and the result of that is Black Sheep Playground

“As I have walked this path, it became clear my passion is to create great outdoor playgrounds for kids. And create a inspiring place in your garden where kids can play safely and be more active outdoors "

Our team set a goal to collaborate with local wood and metal shops. We believe in building the local community. We will provide a few job opportunities for talented locals. one crew who will pre manufacture our playgrounds and one crew who will deliver and install the playgrounds.


Our Goal

Now days, kids spend to much of their time indoors, playing games on the computer and mobile phones. Because of that they spend less time on outdoor activities. From our experience we learned that kids easily can play for hours and hours outdoor when you provide a playground. A playground will give loved ones  a perfect alternative to use their imagination, help them to create there own fantasy, and have a great playful workout while they are enjoying their new playground. 

Our future goal is to extend our business so we have the opportunity to provide more jobs for the local community. And to use our production facility as a education centre for local talent and help them too develop there own creative initiatives.

Join us, so we can donate Kids's playgrounds at kindergarten and schools in rural areas in Laos and communities who are in need.

Click here to donatewww.gofundme.com


Donate Plan:

1. Primary School, at Ban Viengsamai, VangVieng, Laos
Number Students:  80s, Grade 1-5
No Playground, No library

2. Don Kangkhong School, Island, Vientiane, Laos
Number of students or Childrens are more than 30 kids in the island, the school from grade 1-4.
No Playground, No library


Join Us:

We looking for volunteers who could join us to build the playground for kids, so please let us know: Become This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.